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Free the Life within You

The mind behind FLY, Ted Barr is an established transformative artist, creativity
coach, art curator and painter. 

In 2008, Ted Barr’s deep commitment to the promotion of artistic sharing and collaboration has led
him to the creation of the Current Art Group. The group works to increase international collaboration
among artists and has over 7000 participants, offering a platform for emerging and established artists.

Barr came up with the FLY concept as part of his own search for meaning, after spending over seven years as a figurative artist. He widely experimented with FLY, creating a number of highly acclaimed painting
series: the Deep Space series, the Cycle of Life series and the Human Forming series.

Free the Life within You


Magic happens.

Every single FLY workshop creates magic.

The magic of participants using the primal language of shapes and colors and encountering reflections of their deep inner selves emerge on the white canvas.


There is a hidden artist within each of us. We all have a natural yearning to express ourselves. As children, we enjoy expressing themselves naturally through image and movement, without ever thinking about what other people may say. Yet, as we grow older, we often become more inhibited, frustrated and reserved.


The FLY process is one of letting go, losing control and allowing the unplanned and unexpected to take the main role. In this way, we take the first step in the path towards the discovery of our creative inner spirit.     


The FLY painting method is a multi-layered tar technique which consists of cold tar layers mixed
with oil colors, acrylic, and lacquer. The elements repel each other, creating fabulous patterns on
the canvas, which are moved around the canvas in a cyclical process.
Every element of the process is deeply symbolic. The multiple layers of paint represent the
multiple layers of the human personality and soul, which also enfold multiple layers.


The water-based acrylic colors used, represent the strong water element in us humans. Finally, the element of combining tar, with its inherent darkness, represents points of darkness that exists within every human life. In FLY, tar is used to create greater beauty and meaning in the painting as a whole.

FLY Workshops Structure

Meditation and movement are an integral part of FLY.
Each FLY workshop begins with a meditation, aimed to weave together the participants and focus their attention.

This is followed by a short session of Tai Chi movements to start an inner oscillation within the body, which will later be translated onto the canvases later.

We then begin our first creative There is a creative session with closed eyes, a session of a collective work in which each participant creates its part on a big canvas, leading to a shared extensive piece of artwork.

The FLY workshops are not painting lessons, but a call for self and collective expression by creating a secured stage of opportunities.

The main aim is to bring joy and harmony by releasing creative energies from curious human beings that are willing to open and share their inner feeling and imagination. It is not only colors and canvases, but a live soul dancing,


performing the most precious inner body life show which brings a great sense of innovation, inspiration, and joy.

Ronit Tveria-Tirosh

Participating in a FLY seminar was... feeling alive, it was exciting! And the result was magnificent!

Sarit Haviv

It's a kind of magic... and it happens without you knowing how it is going to happen.

Orit Fayer

The FLY approach truly  connects with our everyday lives, to our personal reality.

Omer Livne

It's so much more than painting, Its an expression of the deepest feelings on the page, with a stroke of color

FLY Creative Coaching

Creating a fulfilling and inspired life and leaving your personal mark on the world can sometimes be challenging...

Ted Barr’s creative coaching will help you explore your own creative path by illuminating your vision, identifying barriers, and inspiring you to keep moving forward and turn your dreams into reality!

FLY Lectures

What stands in our way of living an inspired life?
How can we create more meaningful moments in our lives and the lives of those around us?


Ted Barr offers a unique  set of lectures that enables us examine our lives from a new perspective.

His own life story  is a source of inspiration.

By embracing change and coincidence in his life, Ted Barr turned from a successful insurance expert, into a renowned artist, author, and curator, whose work is being presented in museums and galleries around the world.

His exceptional story encourages us to welcome coincidence and strive to realize the creative potential within us.


The lecture combines Ted Barr’s personal story, discussions on the modern art world and inspiring life lessons. 


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