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Ted Barr

Ted Barr is a transformative artist, curator and teacher of the FLY art workshops with multiple collaborations in the fashion and design industries and founder of the Current Art Group. Ted's fields of research include Symbolism, Ancient Egypt, Numerology, and spiritual rituals of various religions.

This gave rise to the context of Barr's work, "As Above So Below" in which Barr explores deep space, human development, dreams, emotions and their connection. Barr paints in a multi-layered tar technique which he developed that consists of cold tar layers mixed with oil colors, acrylic, and lacquer.

 The elements are moved on the canvas in a cycle process. Barr is curating 'The School of Athens' project for Italia Docet Laboratorium at the Venice Art Biennale in October 2015 and will be both curating and exhibiting at Scope Miami Beach in December of 2015. Over the past year, Barr has had a solo show at Dacia Gallery in New York City, Alessandro Berni Gallery in Perugia Italy has participated in the Clio Art Show in New York City and his collaboration with the Label2 Fashion house, Emerging from the White premiered at Milan Fashion Week.

Ted Barr in an interview about "Fly", his new book
and international seminar at ContentoNow TV

Ted Barr explains his unique "Fly" method at ContentoNow TV

Ted's Art

Ted Barr’s paintings express the eternal themes that exist in every human life. They emerge
directly from the unconscious, expressing a specific energy or state of mind. As Barr himself
recounts, the true meaning of an art work unfolds to him after he has finished the painting.
Then, he can step back, and find the hidden meaning that his inner self was trying to

טד בר - ציורים22
Galaxy Core
Andromeda Galaxy
Stephan’s Quintet
Round Galaxy
Tree of Life
Nerve Cells
Books and Publications

Frau GRuber's Camp

What are the boundaries of evil? What is the meaning of life on the verge of arbitrary sudden death? Is it worth living behind an electric fence?
‘Frau Gruber farm’ is a thrilling allegory about the faith of mankind in its darkest times. The world that contains people like Frau Gruber Herr Schick and their morbid entourage is not altogether our world. It is more of a parallel world to ours. It isn't our world though in many ways it is similar. At more than one moment the reader might overlook the difference. 
In this surprising and enigmatic novel, the reader is gently swayed until he submerges slowly into an imaginary micro-cosmos. A fantastic universe that is both poetic and terrible, sometimes heart catching and at other times horrifying life is but a transparent commodity, the roosters as human beings are but momentary visitors in a much larger play its meaning they are too short sighted to comprehend, except the old rooster Ba Ba Loop that has the eyes to see but does not carry the power to change. The only way to give meaning to dreadful times is by memorizing, and this is the skeleton on which this novel is built upon, human faith, forgetting, remembering and the essence of life within the impossible epoch. 

Though taking off from a mainly conjured description of Adolf Hitler's early childhood, 'Frau Gruber's farm' does not stop at relating a story parallel in ways to European Jewish history. It evolves into a fable on overall human experience in the 20th century and at the same time, it is written through 21st century eyes as a contemporary bravado.

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Fly Book

The acronym FLY stands for Free the Life within You.

It speaks about embracing change and creativity in each human life.

FLY book follows the human journey towards deciphering the hidden meaning behind birth, death and our place within the Solar System, Andromeda Galaxy, Virgo Cluster and the Universe.

In his own journey, Ted Barr went to study ancient religions, engaged with shamans, rabbis, monks and priests and attempted to discover whether there was a common denominator between all ancient religions. In FLY book, he has gathered his insights from this life’s quest.

In 1995, Barr started expressing himself in color and form and has since created three painting series from which some paintings are included in the book:

Deep Space - inspired by the Hubble telescope images

Human Forming - inspired by Lennart Nilsson's inner body photography

Cycles of Life - the everlasting journey of the human spirit

FLY Book presents the voyage of one man towards his own deeper core of being. It weaves together insights and the real-life experiences, which are connected by the common thread of our human desire to create meaning in our lives.

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