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  • Ted Barr

FLY workshop’s main essence is reviving the creativity gift that naturally exists in every child.

Each FLY workshop reveals the hidden artist within every participant.

You don’t have to be an artist or an expert, you just have to be who you truly are - a curious and open human being – and FLY’s essence will fulfill you with magic.

From the white canvas, to the full expression of the unconscious, to the joy of sharing the individual and collective creations, FLY is all about magic. The FLY process starts with a collective meditation and ends with a writing session that crystallizes each participant’s emotions that arise during this FLYing process.

Some participants adapt and use the FLY workshop’s methods for therapeutic purposes. This is because one of the greatest advantages of the FLY process is that it helps participants to let go and welcome the unexpected with a smile and a spirit of wonder. Many participants make radical positive changes in their lives as a result of participating in FLY. They learn to become more attuned to their own true nature, let go of whatever blocks them and strengthening what advances them.

Though we make use of canvas and paint, Fly is not simply a painting workshop, but an idea and an invitation for new way of self-expression that can be adopted in everyday life.

Have magic,


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